Learn to relax at will ∼
Get away from it all, learn to relax at will, and bring about positive change. Welcome to the world of Philo Music Therapy (PMT) where you will go to feel peaceful yet energized. You will also use this inner world to benefit your life and your health.
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$39.95---(+ Free S & H) get the Philo Music Therapy system in its entirety. "Book & CD"
“how many nights I’ve laid awake unable to sleep, beginning the next day in a haze? Then a friend of mine mentioned the Philo Music therapy system.

After listening to the CD at night, it’s hard to believe I now sleep like a baby. My advice -- order the system"
Fred Rosenfeld
New York,NY
“Over a year ago my economic luck changed, and I was laid off from a job I had for 20 years. I didn't know where to turn, until I found the Philo Music Therapy system, which helped me change careers ".
It worked wonders in eliminating my anxieties and I was able to face the world with new, positive expectations.Thank you Mr. Art Davis"
- Oscar Sanchez Huntington Beach, CA
"I have tried for the past 25 years to keep my weight under control. Now when I face a refrigerator or a restaurant menu,
the Philo Music Therapy method flashes immediately in my brain, and has proven invaluable in losing and maintaining my weight. Thank you so much”
Diane Denney Rogers St.Louis, MO
"Philo Music Therapy has brought serenity to my life and a better understanding of the human condition.
I recommend it to people of all ages as it expands on ways to live more meaningfully."
Judith Rimler
Pompano Beach, FL
"Your Philo Music Therapy proved to be a true blessing. I recently developed two excruciatingly painful kidney stones. Your system was mentioned to me and it truly SAVED my life. Playing your CD once in the morning upon rising and once before sleep at night produced a miraculous effect. My pain was greatly lessened. Since my surgery I have continued practicing your miraculous approach."
Much Gratitude,
Dan Regan
Rockland County, NY
Listen to Samples
Radio Interviews
Judy Rosley: HealersConnect.com (27 mins)
The Business Shrink (Peter Morris) about Philo Music Therapy. (11.22 mins)

*The TRILOGY Experience is a musical process
It is designed to lead you to a place where there is nothing threatening and nothing lacking. It plays for almost 8 minutes, and thus can not be sufficiently appreciated as a one or two minute sample.
I look forward to your gaining the benefits of this music when you experience the Philo Music Therapy process in its entirety.